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Start podcasting easily with a customized intro & outro with music, commercial segments, and your first five fully-edited episodes. You record -- we do the rest!

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We're Chad & Becca Campbell, educators and entrepenuers. We believe that if you're going to put something out in the world, it should be the best. This was the decision we made when we launched our first online course in 2018 to help tired families make sleep a thing with their children. After years of teaching the same program to each family, we used our educational training and experience to create an online course that has helped over 20,000 families to date.

Now with a suite of courses, hundreds of podcasts, a YouTube channel, educational guides, memberships and growing to a multi-six figure business we want to help other businesses get their content delivered professionally and quickly. We can't wait to work with your brand!

Let's produce high quality content that matches the caliber of your teaching.

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We believe it should be easy for you to make quality content for your learners. Sadly, too many people focus more on trying to do it themselves than actually making great content.

If you have built a brand you are proud of, you should also deliver content you are proud of. 

Working with The Course Company is as easy as stepping up to the camera and doing what you are great at. Don't let bad lighting, poor sound, or beginner footage turn customers away. When we capture your brand, we deliver it as if it is our own. 

Immerse your learners in the quality of your brand.

Have an idea and want to share it with others? Let us help turn it into reality!

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No more excuses! We're here to help you get your podcast up and running with quality editing and customization.

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Let your brand stand out, book more clients and convert more sales with  a Welcome video, About Me video, Sales Page video, and more!

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Let us film and build your entire course for you! We offer custom packages to best suit your course and sales goals!

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If you are ready for quality video content that looks beautiful, sounds clear and matches your brand, we offer a variety of filming services to fit your needs.

Stop worrying about bad lighting, flimsy phone holders, and unappealing computer footage that keeps turning away your potential clients.  Let us help!

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Podcasting is one of the best ways to reach your customers, share your brand, and attract new leads. Start your podcast channel off right with five professionally edited episodes, a customized introduction you can use in every episode, two commercial segments, and setup assistance. While anyone can podcast, make sure yours stands out!

Podcast Starter Package

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Do you already have content and want us to take a look? We focus our educational design around the learner's experience. Our auditing service provides you feedback and recommendations on effectiveness, organization, delivery quality, and more! We will then highlight opportunities to elevate and expand your content with The Course Company!

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Free Guide: Lesson Planning & Organization 

organize a course the right way and make it easier for your students to learn.

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